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I’ve been writing fanfic for awhile, if not quite as long as original fic, and I’ve gotten a few comments over the years. People, I’ve noticed, don’t always seem to be aware of the distinction between appropriate and inappropriate comments on them. So, inspired by some recent commentary I’ve gotten, here are some helpful examples:


"I really liked it"

"What did you mean by…"

"I don’t think they’d really do that, because…"

"You mixed up their names"

"Shouldn’t the proper title be…"

"Have you ever considered writing …"

"Why did [x] happen?"

"You made me cry!"

"I couldn’t really follow this part"

Varying degrees of inappropriateness:

"It’s good and all, but you should really just write [other fic]"

"You should rewrite your fic to my specifications, because I say so"

"You need to write [someone else’s idea for a story]"

"I’m going to cry if you don’t come back to this story after five years"

"Ooh, you’re so hot for him, aren’t you?"

"I can’t believe you made her brown. She’s WHITE."

"Well, I’m a descendant of the original author, so I’m right and you’re wrong! Bet you’re sorry now, huh???"

"I haven’t actually read the story, but…"

"Do you get off on people begging after your WIPs? Does it make you feel desired?"

And yes, these are all things people have said to me.

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  2. the-fifty-seventh-academic said: I would totally add (to the second list): “This story would be great if only it didn’t have [these characters] in it and were about [other characters] instead. Then I would read it.”
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    Yes, it was. Presumably she meant a collateral descendant, but still … a truly irrefutable argument.
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    Okay, I have to ask — was the “descendant of the original author” in Austen fandom? Assuming descendant can also include...