A herd of teal deer

Ha. If I want to tell you something, I do! So just three random things-to-say-to-you that popped into my head:

(1) I just read three really enjoyable Georgette Heyer books: the Unknown Ajax (adorable), Regency Buck (which uses a trope I normally hate like burning, but dilutes it down, and addresses what squick is left), and (3) Lady of Quality - older heroine, slightly-a-rake hero who is really quite decent, and for once the young people they’re shepherding are really likable. Have you read those ones? (Re-reading Arabella now, pure iddy fluff.)

(2) I once spent HOURS looking for a Leia fic - I could remember the content but not the title. I thought it was one of irnan’s, but it turned out to be yours, the one that sort of explained the batshit nonsense about Vader destroying the Death Star extending even to in-universe material. It’s totally not my headcanon, but it’s one of the only fics I’ve read that make some sense of EU!Leia for me.

(3) I have a new computer without any recording abilities, so that’s why I haven’t got back to reading! Sorry!

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