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One of the biggest complain about LoK finale is Amon’s backstory, personally I think that not only ruined Amon character but also Tarrlok and Yakone. I will write my mains problems with their backstory and why I think it was badly written.

Is contrived.

Yakone escaping prision,…

Yeah, Yakone’s family is essentially Fire Nation royal family 2.0.

I think that’s putting it a bit strongly? Bryke said Tarrlok was inspired by Azula (and it’s obvious why; even though he would be the Zuko, he ends up an ambitious manipulator with the shrewdness to see other’s weak points and the ruthlessness to exploit them). Zuko and Azula never had much of a relationship, so while their final duel was tragic (and a wonderful scene), I don’t think it really has the same weight of the brothers’ disintegrating relationship. Azula was always creepy and we pretty much have to guess why; it’s made very clear that Noatak and Tarrlok were both essentially sweet kids who were gradually broken. (And, in a more issue-y way, class and imperialism and royal expectations play a HUGE part with Zuko and Azula, but very little with Noatak and Tarrlok, while torture and vengeance don’t have much to do with Zuko and Azula’s lives.)

So … sure, it’s abusive father + loving mother + chilly prodigy sibling + gentler younger sibling, but Yakone’s entire motivation is completely different from Ozai’s, his wife isn’t even aware of what’s going on, while Ursa was actively involved in the family dynamics, Noatak is an aggressively protective older brother, and Tarrlok is habitually passive and cautious. I generally find ATLA far superior to LOK when it comes to development and pacing, but honestly, I found Yakone’s abuse far more unsettling than Ozai’s (Ozai was always pretty generic and predictable tbh), and Noatak and Tarrlok’s relationship much more compelling and substantial than Zuko and Azula’s.