A herd of teal deer
Haha, I feel tempted to continue the "Unexpected" Strings AU too! I think it would definitely make it harder for Korra to go back, since Sitara's arrival prevents her from becoming depressed about her situation, and taking care of her daughter becomes her primary priority. The only way she would return to RC was if some heavy-duty spiritual intervention occurred. And having a baby with her and Tarrlok would definitely make for some awkward homecoming conversations with everyone, right?

It’s probably very wrong to encourage this, but I think it’d be pretty fascinating — the effect of insta-motherhood on Korra, how she’d reconcile it with her duty as the Avatar, how she and Tarrlok would raise an earthbending or non-bending little girl (Korra is such an earthbender type herself that either could be adorable), and … er, all the things. And ha, maybe shades of Chiaroscuro for Amon, too, only no forewarning and no potential bloodbending? I don’t know, but it sounds awesome.

LOL, “Councilman Tarrlok abducted me with bloodbending and then we adopted a baby together” is one of those things that all the context in the world can’t really explain.

Maybe you could write it after Strings.