A herd of teal deer

lunarblue21 said:

Oh, this is lovely angraine. <3 Have you seen my fic Strong on the Surface? It includes both brothers again this time. Your writing style for this was lovely and I liked how you showed the different moments :)

Thank you! I haven’t actually caught up with the tag yet - I wrote my entire fic today, which is fast for me (I’m actually a super slow writer) and spent the rest of the time cleaning my apartment and occasionally checking my dash.

I had a ton of ideas for this (which until today was just The Tarrlok Appreciation Fic in my head), and even once I’d narrowed them down to canon compliant ones, I wanted ‘Tarrlok gets proper waterbending training,’ ‘Tarrlok realizing for the first time that he’s actually super talented, he just never had anyone but probably the most powerful waterbender to ever live to measure himself by,’ ‘Tarrlok’s connection to the Northern Water Tribe,’ ‘passive bloodbending still has the creepy side effects,’ ‘Tarrlok and lying,’ ‘Tarrlok in the city,’ ‘Tarrlok and Tui-and-La,’ ‘Tarrlok and Korra’s uncle,’ ‘Tarrlok coming to Republic City, with bonus creepy-loldorable Noatak,’ ‘Tenzin being there with Tarrlok gets the news,’ ‘Tarrlok seeing Korra as a Noatak substitute,’ ‘Korra as reincarnation maybe?’ ‘Korra as surrogate niece kinda,’ ‘Tarrlok falling into suicidal depression,’ etc etc. This seemed like the only way to get it all in!

(I would have liked to get ‘Tarrlok and Lin’ and ‘Tarrlok and Saikhan’ and more Tarrlok and Noatak in, but … yeah.)

  1. lunarblue21 said: Well, considering that Tarrlok is defined largely by his family dynamics, it made sense! Though I would have loved to see a bit of Tarrlok and Saikhan, since I have this headcanon that they are friends, and I can’t wait for you to see my stories! :)
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