A herd of teal deer
A bunch of characters: Ryn (even though you haven't read everything); Luke; Ten; Wickham; Faramir.

wow, epic ask! Okay, let’s start with Ryn.

My same sex OTP: Ryn/Evinne

My opposite sex OTP: eep, idk. I really like platonic Ryn-Luke, but I wouldn’t like it as a pairing. Ryn/Obi-Wan, I guess.

My most hated pairing: er? I don’t much care for Ryn/Anakin, I guess, but I don’t hate it.

My same-sex unusual OTP: Ryn/Padmé. (Judge away! I think it’d be gloriously messed up and super hot.)

My opposite-sex unusual OTP: I honestly don’t know. There aren’t many youngish men I care about it, and the older ones who were effectively holding her hostage? Skeevy.

My crossover OTP: Oh, let me think. Yes, I think earthbender!Ryn/Korra would be excellent. Or Regency lady!Ryn/Henry Crawford.

My brotp/friendship otp: Ryn and Luke! Nobody else UNDERSTANDS.

Character headcanon: she and Luke work through mourning by having awesome space adventures. She’s not maternal, exactly - more like a cool badass aunt.

A gif that shows how I feel about this character:

Tell ‘em, Rizzo.