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OMG MY BABY <3 <3 Er, okay, here we go!

My same sex OTP: Faramir/Aragorn

My opposite sex OTP: I really like Faramir/Éowyn, though I’m not especially ardent about it.

My most hated pairing: Faramir/Denethor. No, no, no, and HOW ABOUT NO.

My same-sex unusual OTP: not much that’s unusual in Tolkien fandom. Let me think. I read some nice Faramir/Frodo back in the day.

My opposite-sex unusual OTP: Faramir/Arwen. This is actually my OTP that I shipped before I’d finished reading the first time, knew was completely irrational, and never found another human being who shipped it.

My crossover OTP: Faramir would make the best Jedi ever.

My brotp/friendship otp: Faramir and Pippin! So adorable, and Pippin canonically names his son for him. <3

Character headcanon: Faramir spends a good portion of his career dealing with tension between Northern and Southern Dúnedain in Gondor. After the euphoria of victory passes, there’s some resentment over the high positions of Arnorians in Gondor (up to and including the King), and the ultra-Gondorian Faramir’s prominence and authority does a lot to diffuse that resentment. He is perfectly conscious of this.

A gif that shows how I feel about this character:

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