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this just appeared on my twitter feed…. 

These two I swear.



this just appeared on my twitter feed…. 

These two I swear.

Excerpt from my current chapter, because I feel like sharing my pain over writing Noatak-as-Amon. He’s what might be termed troubled:

Amon was the mask, the hero. The man behind it, the face that looked out at him from his mirror, was—what? A bender, he thought, disgust twisting his reflected mouth. Another slippery, cheating waterbender, trying to convince himself that any good he happened to do, when the whim took him, could offset the evil of what he was.




Avenge - inflict harm in return for (an injury or wrong done to oneself or another)

I guess I have to give credit where it’s due. Yakone psychologically, emotionally, and very probably physically abused his sons to the point that they were defined by things he did to them before the ages of fourteen and eleven and his elder son cooperated with his younger son’s murder of them both to finally rid themselves and the world of his influence, but he never actually tried to kill them. So it’s Hiroshi who wins the Fire Lord Ozai seal of approval here.

I think it’s more of a draw, really.  I mean, Hiroshi attempting to murder Asami outright counts for a lot, but he seems to have been a man who was capable of love but allowed his grief to mutate into barely-controllable rage while Yakone seemed to have been more of a pathological narcissist who cared about no one besides himself right from the get-go.  If Yakone thought murdering one of his kids would have done him any good, he would have done it in a second.

As for terrible mothers, Yon Rha (the guy who killed Katara’s mother) had a pretty awful mother who served as some sort of mix between Freudian Excuse and Karmic Retribution, and Mai’s mother certainly didn’t do her any favors judging by her speech in The Beach.  They’re certainly nowhere near as common in the Avatarverse as terrible fathers, though.

Oh, probably. I think Hiroshi brought up Asami very well, and his mental breakdown is at least understandable; Yakone was just a total douche on every conceivable level who warped his very young sons for the rest of their lives. But, say, Tarrlok’s betrayal - though it would have undoubtedly led to violence without Noatak’s intervention - leads to the dissolution of all his plans, but he turns apathetic rather than immediately homicidal. (Though tbh, Hiroshi doesn’t really make much sense to me.)

Eh, there are mothers who aren’t good, of course, but I wouldn’t judge either of those as remotely comparable to Ozai, Hiroshi, and Yakone in either significance or terribleness - honestly, they’re so extremely minor characters that we have hardly any idea what they’re even like.


It’s starting to seem like I’m the only person who thinks the Equalist movement most likely would collapse after the events of the finale. Now, agitation for non-bender civil rights might (or might not) continue to be a thing, but the Equalists specifically? Nah, I think they’re pretty much over.

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I meant to write an essay about why I don’t really care about the Equalists as a movement, despite disliking the resolution, then realized that I basically wrote it already here.


There are certain sections of that website I should avoid and “The Legend of Korra” page is one of them. But, I just had to take a look and the “Draco in Leather Pants” (DiLP) section under YMMV pisses me off. There are entries for Tarrlok, Tahno, and Amon with the claim that fandoms of those…

and just because someone has a more positive interpretation of that doesn’t mean that they’re doing the DiLP



If we could go back and relive that memory, do you think things would have been different? Would we have been brothers now instead of wretched souls looking for a way back?

Hm, never noticed, but in the upper right, it looks kind of like baby Noatak’s expression is going from sad to angry as he looks away.

baby Amon!

I enjoyed writing this scene, but it didn’t work for the pacing of what I was working on, so I had to cut it out, and figured it could be an independent drabble, of sorts - my headcanon for younger Amon, basically.

title: Almost Forgotten

verse: canon-compliant!

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Amosami Week, 1: “Illness”


Summary: AU. A fight between the revolutionary forces and Team Avatar and their supporters goes horribly wrong when Asami is badly injured. To make matters worse, she’s kidnapped and dragged away from her friends, back to an Equalist hideout… 

Rating: T

Pairing: This one features Amon and Asami, but is mostly Asami-centric, I think. 


Asami is fast, dodging two punches from electric gloves so much like her own, and pushing Mako out of the way of two chi-blockers that had been creeping up behind him, in his blind spot. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a silvery gleam of metal shooting toward her, and she twists away— 

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Oh, I love it. Particularly that she bides her time rather than flying into a rage, which seems very Asami, and the Equalists are all fairly human, and Amon connects Hiroshi-Asami to him and Tarrlok (it’s really hard not to see that connection when it’s like, capturing his daughter and keeping her locked up in a cell will clearly solve their family problems, says the man who captured his little brother and is keeping him in a cell).

Amorralok week - “blood” (part one)

So part of the reason I’m behind on the prompts is because I’m sick, part is because I’m flailing over Yuletide, but a large part is THIS THING. As soon as I saw the prompt, it reminded me of an awesome piece of art aptly described as “incestuous lesbian rule 63 dubcon age gap threesomes with bondage and bloodplay involving a woman barely of age.” And I knew I wanted to do that, but it’s been, hmm, challenging. So, part 1 of maybe 2, maybe 3, I’m not sure.

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Bizarre argument about the finale #953947526: Amon’s entire motivation comes down to wanting revenge for the loss of his father’s bending.