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Mary Crawford/Fanny Price, AU where Mary does marry Edmund after all

After the wedding, of course, there was no escaping one another’s company. Fanny sat with her new cousin every day, listened to her play the harp, or talk in her light, amusing (kind) way, thinking furiously about how trivial and pretty and brittle she was. Sometimes Edmund was there and sometimes he was not; and one of the times he was not, Mary laughed at something Fanny couldn’t see—patted one of Fanny’s curls back into place—and for no reason at all, leaned over and kissed her.

In Pride and Prejudice, is Eliza pronounced like Eleeza or E-lie-za?

The latter! At least, that’s how Eliza is generally pronounced in English.

(I had a friend who used to deliberately call me Eliza to irritate me, lol)

*whiny nitpicking*

Elizabeth Bennet does not think of herself as Lizzy, the narrator does not refer to her as Lizzy, it’s solely something that her family uses as her friends use Eliza

but if people are going to call her that, it’s Lizzy with a y, Lizzie literally never appears in the course of the entire novel so unless you’re talking about the Lizzie Bennet Diaries no

relatedly: Darcy, not D’Arcy/d’Arcy/whatever. and his first name is Fitzwilliam, not Will/William/Philip (?), Lady Catherine and Lady Anne named their firstborn children after their family

lololol i saw this an hour ago and it’s still the funniest thing ever

idk if people just read my stuff and go “aha not a crazed shipper” and from there it’s a short leap to “doesn’t like Darcy” - I get it more on my gen-ish stuff, which gives me that impression :P

but it’s weird because most of my things are Darcy (or at least ‘the Fitzwilliam family’ in general) centric, and UNSURPRISINGLY I generally portray him in a favourable light bc I’m usually responding to fans who turn him into the grosser kind of alpha male lead, so I do a lot of things like have you noticed his idea of flirtation is arguing about books??? :D :D


I honestly do not know why anyone who has encountered me in Austen fandom, in any context ever, would think that Darcy bashing is something I would ever want to hear


I was foolish and started this series up the week before I left on a six-day trip, so my apologies for the delay in starting! But here is the first video, answering that age-old question:

So how rich is Darcy, really?

(Answer #3 is mostly derived from G. E. Mingay’s English Landed Society in the Eighteenth Century, the numbers dating to ~1790. As a sidenote, the “great landlords” referred to there comprised about 400 families, making it a very small group regardless.)

finally got this up! *twirl*

Well, you've got me interested in P&P so I'm reading it. :) Mr. Bennet is a sassmaster and Darcy's a bit of a jerk, so far. XD

I’m glad my stanning has borne fruit!

And… yep, that’s P&P, lol.



have you melted over the Darcy siblings today


that’s ok I am here to help

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I love everything about this. But especially this part:

so, downstairs there are various pictures and objets d’art. Darcy keeps Georgiana’s crayon drawings with them. basically the rich Regency guy version of sticking them on his fridge.

Heh, thank you! It’s just mentioned in passing that Georgiana’s crayon drawings are lying around and Elizabeth liked them better, but I think it’s adorable.

(Also, Mary Crawford is so wrong about brothers and long letters)

hahaha yeah, Henry =/= all older brothers. And the Darcys are clearly the prolix type <3