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So about that finale

Korra aaaand Mako aaaaaaand Noatak







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For the character writing meme, I'll be very obvious and ask for Noatak and Tarrlok, please.

okay! :)

Noatak and Tarrlok (because they’re bound up together for me):

- total lack of self-awareness; they’re both convinced they’ve put their pasts behind them, even as those pasts dictate pretty much every move they make

- relatedly, they both hate themselves—it’s closer to the surface with Tarrlok, as Noatak’s cognitive dissonance runs a lot deeper

- also relatedly, they’ve constructed images of themselves that they live out, revolving around their respective failures (“failures”) as children—Noatak is an invincible protector to a large group of downtrodden Tarrloks people, Tarrlok is NOT A WEAKLING OK, both have saviour complexes a mile wide—they reinvent themselves as heroes. Both also have nerves of steel. 

- Tarrlok is the only human being that Noatak gives a single fuck about. Tarrlok cares abstractly but not much about particular people

- Noatak has no moral compass beyond what’s dictated by his own psychological needs; he broke long before he fled the North. Tarrlok does have one, a bit warped, but there, and it’s on those morals that his self-image rests; when he’s no longer able to deceive himself, he’s thrown into a deep depression.

- Noatak and Tarrlok are both power-hungry and true believers; they feel genuine, extreme zeal for their respective causes (Noatak really hates bending, Tarrlok really cares about Republic City) and simultaneously grab as much power as they can in the process of fighting (Tarrlok maneuvering, Noatak seizing it). WRT the parentheses there, Noatak, former fearless prodigy, is much more assertive and confident and direct than Tarrlok, who (accustomed to weakness) relies on manipulation, exploiting, arranging, overwhelming advantage, etc

Leia, Korra, Denethor?


- bold, straightforward

- has a gentle side

- utterly, indomitably resolute

- idealistic

- extremely dutiful


- self-identity tightly linked with her performance as Avatar

- forgiving (yes! pulpofiction can tell you I harp on this a LOT)

- compassionate

- extremely short fuse and a deep well of rage

- ruthless


- a Ravenclaw mistaken for a Slytherin who hates himself for not being a Gryffindor

- GondorGondorGondorGONDORGONDOR

- not very approachable, but sensible, charismatic, and reasonable

- proud, iron-willed, extremely strong-minded, fierce but cautious

- does not ~hate Faramir, but does love Boromir a great deal more, partly because of Boromir’s sheer likableness and mostly because of Denethor’s own pressures and concerns and issues and staggering lack of self-awareness


Team Avatar- pillow fight by Lukia-Lokelani on deviantart


Team Avatar- pillow fight by Lukia-Lokelani on deviantart

Tenzin vs. Zaheer