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Sparky Sparky Boom Woman!Season three was cool!


Sparky Sparky Boom Woman!
Season three was cool!

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LOK Relationships (Books 1-3)  Korra & Lin 

Her mother Toph taught Avatar Aang how to earthbend, but Chief Lin Beifong didn’t feel any special affection for the reckless new Avatar at first. But now this metal and earthbending police chief sees Korra as a true leader and protector for Republic City and will do her best to support the Avatar when called to action.

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book one - leaving home | book three - facing zaheer

book one - leaving home | book three - facing zaheer

What were your thoughts on the Book 3 finale of LOK and Book 3 overall? (Sorry if this seems out of left field I was just curious XD)

I liked it, a bit less than fandom at large, mostly because I felt the heroes were underpowered by authorial fiat and the Red Lotus were built up as more remarkable than they were (as villains, I felt their main strength was in teamwork and skill much more than incredible power), but it was enjoyable and well-paced.

More particularly:

  1. Korra - great. Lack of Avatar State until the end felt forced for a dramatic climax. Loved her fight against the AS, yanking Zaheer down in her final throes and using earthbending to land before collapsing. That’s our girl. Also liked that there are serious consequences to the season’s events.
  2. Mako - great. Loved interaction with Kai. Ditto re: lightningbending. 
  3. Bolin - still boring. Annoyed me less than in 2.
  4. Asami - still likable, still very thin characterization. Nice to at least see her and Korra interacting on their own. Miss the consistent character design in 1.
  5. Tenzin - good.
  7. Kai - wasn’t sure at first, ended up liking him a lot. (I was worried he would end up overshadowing Jinora but noooope. Yay!)
  8. Kya - would have liked more. Duel with Zaheer was awesome.
  9. Bumi - he was fine. Not one of my favourites, but he doesn’t irritate me.
  10. Lin - really liked that she had a plot that seemed to emerge pretty naturally out of her character. I still side with her more than Su tbh.
  11. Su - like her too, though. Was very firmly against evil!Su, so glad that didn’t happen. Also like how casual it is that they have different fathers. The metal clan in general is awesome.
  12. Zaheer - thematically interesting, personally meh.
  13. P’Li - GREAT <3
  14. Ming Hua: thoroughly enjoyable.
  15. Ghazan: ditto
  16. kind of wondered why Korra didn’t even try to communicate with Raava at the end, seems like it would be a good time to go HEY COULD YOU NOT TAKE OVER IT’S A PLOT. But I’m biased bc I fell hard for Raava, haha.
  17. nice to see Mako and Bolin find part of their family.
  18. disappointed by the Earth Queen. A lot of the most powerful figures have been men, and I was hoping she would at least be somewhat nuanced. Holding out for the Fire Lord. >_>
  19. really liked seeing Zuko in a way that didn’t overpower the current plot, nor sideline characters who seem like they ought to be relevant. HE PARKS HIS DRAGON. NEVER CHANGE, ZUZU.
  20. relatedly, want to see more of Katara.


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