A herd of teal deer


nelayn replied to your post “how about AUSTEN :D”

Can anyone sympathize with Mrs Norris? XD

haha Fanny, a little, maybe

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MC 4 lyfe


ikkinthekitsune replied to your post “How about the Avatar franchise as a whole for that last meme?”

I love how NoatakandTarrlok are one person to you. XD (I’m inclined to see them the same way, of course!)

Pretty much! At the very least, completely inextricable. I have friends who only like one or the other, which is fine, but it doesn’t compute for me.

How about the Avatar franchise as a whole for that last meme?

Sure! My answers will probably be pretty tentative, though!

  • my favourite female character: mmmm, it’s hard to choose. Proooobably Korra.
  • my favourite male character: Zuko, hands down.
  • my favourite book/season/etc: ATLA, Book 2: Earth.
  • my favourite episode: *weighs* probably Beginnings, but I had to think through about ten, lol.
  • my favourite cast member: Dee Bradley Baker is amaaaazing.
  • my favourite ship: *mumbles*
  • a character I’d die defending: NoatakandTarrlok (for a certain value of “defend”)
  • a character I just can’t sympathize with: Bolin. *yawn*
  • a character I grew to love: Asami. Wasn’t initially thrilled about her, actually, and despite frequent disappointments with her characterization, I remain deeply fond of her.
  • my anti otp: I want to say Borra, I really do, but to this day my scorching hatred of Lieumon overpowers all others.


criticisms of korra that are basically like, “she’s just x male character w/ boobs”

like shut the fuck up and take your nonsense conceptions of what a female character/woman should be and shove it up your ass

ugh thank you


oh, have you read recessional’s?

I don’t know - link?


houseofhaleth - hahaha, perf

houseofhaleth - hahaha, perf


Anakin in a panic jumps on his dragon

this may still be my favourite plotbunny ever


Asami’s Hair Appreciation Post

tag your porn please


A collection of lamamama's awesome Avatar the Last Airbender - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine crossover

Featuring the adult gaang:

Toph - Terran; Security officer

Sokka - Bajoran; Science officer

Aang - Joined Trill (with unusual markings); Captain

Katara - Bajoran; Chief medical officer

Zuko - Klingon: Must. Regain. HONOR!

Iroh - Klingon; Really likes prune juice (or bloodwine, I can’t tell)

Bonus TOS Sokka - From the Trials and Tribble-ations episode (no one can convince me otherwise)


We love out awkward firebenders



We love out awkward firebenders



The tricky thing is yesterday we were just children