A herd of teal deer
woobies (again) and arrows


I recently listened to some guy reviewing ATLA, which was … okayish, but I found myself getting progressively more annoyed as he talked about Azula. He looooved Iroh’s “she’s crazy and needs to go down” and went on a tangent during “The Beach” about how her preoccupation with her mother couldn’t explain much if anything about her development because she was evil even as a small child, obviously she’s just an inherently awful crazy person for no reason.

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kind of fun to see my old essay crossing my dash again!

thanks, Ikkin



1) Zuko

2) Katara

3) Azula

4) Toph

5) Kyoshi

Faramir or Eowyn? Luke or Leia? Azula or Asami? Andreth or Elizabeth Bennet?

Faramir, he’s my darling and my beloved above all other beloveds in Middle-earth


lololol Asami of course—not only do I love her, she’s not a scheming, psychologically scarred force of destruction, it would be a much more stable relationship. Asami is firm but not aggressive and just a generally awesome person, I think it’d work out. (Also she’s an adult.)

ANDRETH, my love <3


Suggest more characters from Avatar for me to draw!



Have you ever sorted the ATLA/LOK crew? (What’s your diagnoses)

I have, but I’m always happy to repost!

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“Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”



“Hate is something that has been taught, and will eventually destroy us” [x]

When you think about it, this statement is so relevant to so many things in real life. Racism, sexism, hatred, prejudice, and discrimination against LGBTQ groups, intolerance and hatred of other religions, classism, ableism. 


a list of things that are ruining my life

the siblings of the Fire Nation

but they do hurt the same