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anghraine said: ohhhh I like this! I honestly didn’t think much of the … you know, how the Equalists side of it, just the interpersonal stuff, but this makes a lot of sense. And I def agree that Noatak wouldn’t consciously make the connection.

Thanks! Focusing on the interpersonal stuff probably makes for a more interesting story ;D I’m curious if you ever thought about what Amon would make of Hiroshi.

I don’t know if you ever saw my original prompt? (It was at the promptmeme, so it’s, ah, doubly okay to play with it :D)

Anyway, I did talk about it there: http://ficbending.livejournal.com/1766.html?thread=1976038#t1976038

(Long shot): Any pairing, that lok golden cage tarrlok & asami as Equalist prisoners au you've speculated about.


this is the gen scenario of my dreams, so no pairing at all :D

"She’s been completely corrupted by those benders," Hiroshi said, mouth twisting; she’ll have to die, he almost added, but though of course he couldn’t see Amon’s face, something about the slow turn of his head kept him from saying it.

"They will see the truth eventually," said Amon, "but for now, they must be kept safely away from all benders."


#amon vs. hiroshi the terrible father is the besssst #amon’s line in turning the tides ‘you will have your daughter back’ is somehow ominous and reassuring at once #’yeas hiroshi your broken family will be reunited’ #’by force’#actually ‘ominous and reassuring’ is a good description of amon’s overall style #(and possibly influences individual fans’ preferences)#anyway my point is that i love the concept of this au #so much

Thank you!! That line from Noatak definitely is what prompted…this whole AU scenario—like, everything will be okay once they capture her, right?? that’s how family works??? while he has his little brother captive


(Long shot): Any pairing, that lok golden cage tarrlok & asami as Equalist prisoners au you've speculated about.

this is the gen scenario of my dreams, so no pairing at all :D

"She’s been completely corrupted by those benders," Hiroshi said, mouth twisting; she’ll have to die, he almost added, but though of course he couldn’t see Amon’s face, something about the slow turn of his head kept him from saying it.

"They will see the truth eventually," said Amon, "but for now, they must be kept safely away from all benders."


☯ Hiroshi just wondering...

peace sign: genderbending (surprise, haha)

Hiroko grew up a poor non-bender among other poor non-benders, often homeless, and disregarded by everyone outside her community, until some of her plans happened to catch the attention of a rich investor. He recognized her genius and was quite happy to loan her the start-up money for R&D and then a full fledged business of her own (and never had cause to regret the investment).

During the early phase, when Future Industries was barely a blip on the industrial map, she met a handsome young engineer with wavy black hair and clear green eyes. He believed in her vision and helped with the factory, often for no pay; they fell madly in love over engine parts and grease.

Future Industries was turning a very tidy profit by the time they married, and Hiroko had built an immense mansion for them by the time she got pregnant with Asami a few years later. She wanted her daughter to have all the advantages Hiroko hadn’t, comfort and education and security, never worrying about where her next meal was coming from or how she’d ever turn her dreams into reality or how to protect herself from angry Agni Kais. But when Asami was a little girl, a firebender broke into the mansion and murdered Hiroko’s husband. If Asami had been there, and not following Hiroko around the factory, she would have died too.

It would be years until before Amon showed up in Republic City, and years more before Hiroko tracked him down and made certain propositions—but that was the day that she promised herself that someday, she would get her revenge on all the benders of Republic City. She would do her part to create a better, safer world for non-benders, whether they were as poor and desperate as the young Hiroko, or like Asami, sobbing inconsolably in her arms.

ideas I didn’t end up writing but really wanted to:

(1) The revolution is successful, and Hiroshi and Amon move Asami and Tarrlok to a gilded cage luxurious private rooms. Tarrlok and Asami are initially hostile but are driven to band together against their infinitely more objectionable relations and split ends; Hiroshi is as shitty a father as might be expected, which unsurprisingly alienates Noatak, who despite his many failings as a brother retains intense if twisted affection and absolutely zero inclination towards resolving Tarrlok’s recalcitrance with fratricide.

(2) Korra stays on the task force, is torn between “accomplishing things and beating people up” and “personal loyalty and ethics” as personified in Tarrlok and Tenzin. 

(3) Unalaq and his family die when Korra is very young, before she’s revealed as the Avatar. Tonraq becomes Chief of the Northern Water Tribe and Korra, princess and his heir.

(4) Koirë is a very young Elf of the House of Finwë, largely unaware of the rising tensions between the Númenóreans and the Elves. She sneaks off Tol Eressëa and sails to Númenor to find her fortune with her distant cousins, the Elf-friendly lords of Andúnië. Amandil accepts her into his household against his own better judgment (passing her off, in the dangerous atmosphere of the time, as an orphaned cousin), and before long, she’s up to her ears in the Byzantine politics of Tar-Míriel’s Númenor.

(5) more of the burning, where Tarrlok doesn’t bloodbend Korra, she burns him, and immediately horrified, runs to tell Tenzin what she’s done. As Tarrlok recovers, there’s an uneasy detente between Tarrlok/Saikhan and Korra/Tenzin in the interests of fighting Equalists, the Equalists are using the attack to rally support (if he’s not safe WHO IS), and Amon himself is barely containing his rage.

(6) Korra is one of the bloodbending kids - the oldest, at twenty minutes Noatak’s senior. For whatever reason, she doesn’t manifest her other elements until the usual age, and is simply a waterbending prodigy like her twin, pulled out of healing lessons to be trained as a bloodbender with him. Her power and will easily make her the second-favourite. THIS CAN ONLY END WELL.

(414):honestly if we didnt hate the same people we would have a friendship based on nothing


- Yeah, I could see Noatak taking the brunt of Yakone’s physical aggression, if only because he’d have almost certainly did his best to shelter Tarrlok from Yakone and draw out his rage in the process. =( You can’t really blame him for self-preservation given the circumstances.

Yeah. And Noatak is just more assertive and confrontational, even as a child, so even unintentionally … :\

- That’s pretty much in line with my own feelings about Noatak’s hypocrisy. Not to mention, I’d much rather think that Noatak was messing with Korra than that she couldn’t keep control over her powers.


- I can certainly see what you mean now, about Noatak not really having the opportunity to abuse Tarrlok given the way things turned out.

- That would certainly make for an interesting fic!

Thanks! It’s one of my earliest plotbunnies (I posted it at ficbending, even), though nobody ever took me up on it :\

As much as Hiroshi is the worse person though, I suspect Asami would suffer less personal damage from the lecture - she’s pretty solid in her convictions that Hiroshi is delusional and not worth listening to, but Tarrlok is far more tractable in that regard.

Yeah. I mean, I imagine it would be very painful for her - more, in some ways, because Hiroshi’s affection seems much more transient, for all of Noatak’s fucked-up-ness. But she’s more likely to hold her ground, and Hiroshi is less likely to pull any kind of mind games on her (intentionally or not).

(IIRC, it was mostly about how it was originally Team Amon and Hiroshi with Tarrlok and Asami as prisoners who realllly don’t like each other, and over time Hiroshi being such a ridiculously terrible father quietly alienates Noatak while Tarrlok and Asami gradually band together in a 100% non-shippy way.)




It’s here: http://fail-fandomanon.livejournal.com/49366.html?thread=227581910#t227581910

I would definitely have thrown in a few more X Neutrals in there :)

…yeah, why aren’t there any X-Neutrals?  o_0  That’s a really weird way of going about it.  xD;

Korra characters don’t really fit very well into D&D alignments, anyway.  Korra’s definitely aligned with good but has little interest in many of the moral requirements, for one thing.  Mako is disciplined, but not particularly lawful (though he might become more lawful in Book 2 due to being a cop).  Lin is a stickler for the law until it conflicts with her desire to protect the city, and then goes vigilante; she’s not neutral so much as she’s all-in one way or the other depending.  Tarrlok being Lawful is just kind of odd — he acts within the system but doesn’t seem all that interested in law for its own ends — and he’s somewhere between Neutral and Evil on the other end but doesn’t really work all that well in either category.  I don’t even know what to do with Amon… Neutral Evil, maybe…?  He certainly doesn’t seem lawful.

Well, I think the original alignment system was intended to account for that kind of ambiguity rather than being completely absolute - it’s totally possible to have, say, a Chaotic Evil character in a D&D game who is aligned with (i.e. associated with, on the team of) the “good” side, or a Lawful Good character who’s torn between the demands of whatever system they adhere to and their conscience, or someone who switches alignments over time, etc etc. It’s kind of a spectrum anyway. I’ve always liked it better than, say, Hogwarts Sorting or whatnot because it’s more, idk, negotiable.

Personally, I’d probably go:

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Equalist Rhapsody, by NinjaRaisin

It’s not quite what I was whining about earlier, but it is a really enjoyable tribute to, pretty much, all of LOK, set to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Sharing for maximum fandom enjoyment!




Avenge - inflict harm in return for (an injury or wrong done to oneself or another)

I guess I have to give credit where it’s due. Yakone psychologically, emotionally, and very probably physically abused his sons to the point that they were defined by things he did to them before the ages of fourteen and eleven and his elder son cooperated with his younger son’s murder of them both to finally rid themselves and the world of his influence, but he never actually tried to kill them. So it’s Hiroshi who wins the Fire Lord Ozai seal of approval here.

I think it’s more of a draw, really.  I mean, Hiroshi attempting to murder Asami outright counts for a lot, but he seems to have been a man who was capable of love but allowed his grief to mutate into barely-controllable rage while Yakone seemed to have been more of a pathological narcissist who cared about no one besides himself right from the get-go.  If Yakone thought murdering one of his kids would have done him any good, he would have done it in a second.

As for terrible mothers, Yon Rha (the guy who killed Katara’s mother) had a pretty awful mother who served as some sort of mix between Freudian Excuse and Karmic Retribution, and Mai’s mother certainly didn’t do her any favors judging by her speech in The Beach.  They’re certainly nowhere near as common in the Avatarverse as terrible fathers, though.

Oh, probably. I think Hiroshi brought up Asami very well, and his mental breakdown is at least understandable; Yakone was just a total douche on every conceivable level who warped his very young sons for the rest of their lives. But, say, Tarrlok’s betrayal - though it would have undoubtedly led to violence without Noatak’s intervention - leads to the dissolution of all his plans, but he turns apathetic rather than immediately homicidal. (Though tbh, Hiroshi doesn’t really make much sense to me.)

Eh, there are mothers who aren’t good, of course, but I wouldn’t judge either of those as remotely comparable to Ozai, Hiroshi, and Yakone in either significance or terribleness - honestly, they’re so extremely minor characters that we have hardly any idea what they’re even like.