A herd of teal deer


The tricky thing is yesterday we were just children

Yakorramolok for the NOTP meme... because it's hard to think of a NOTP with more NO than that. ;)

my NOTP too I don’t ship it it’s okay I ship it hard OTP


Well, whatever happened with mako, I’m glad it hasn’t come between us. I’ve never had a girlfriend to hang out with and talk to before.

Legend of Korra?

1) Raava

2) Korra

3) Noatak-and-Tarrlok


hm….. ?


hm….. ?

☠ Korra (if you're still doing that meme)

That’s the violence one, right??

Ahh, this is actually easy—I headcanon that when Korra was a little girl, she’d squash bugs when she got angry. Or light them on fire. Or freeze them. That was one of the first things that she heard Aang Would Never about.


"I’m sorry, Raava. I failed to bring peace. Even with Vaatu locked away, darkness still surrounds humanity. There wasn’t enough time."

"Don’t worry."

Remake of this (x)


make me choose: zuko or korra
↳asked by blackwitchqueen

The Krew, minus Bolin


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