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Leia Organa

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Youve always been strong.

Leia, Korra, Denethor?


- bold, straightforward

- has a gentle side

- utterly, indomitably resolute

- idealistic

- extremely dutiful


- self-identity tightly linked with her performance as Avatar

- forgiving (yes! pulpofiction can tell you I harp on this a LOT)

- compassionate

- extremely short fuse and a deep well of rage

- ruthless


- a Ravenclaw mistaken for a Slytherin who hates himself for not being a Gryffindor

- GondorGondorGondorGONDORGONDOR

- not very approachable, but sensible, charismatic, and reasonable

- proud, iron-willed, extremely strong-minded, fierce but cautious

- does not ~hate Faramir, but does love Boromir a great deal more, partly because of Boromir’s sheer likableness and mostly because of Denethor’s own pressures and concerns and issues and staggering lack of self-awareness

You love him, don’t you?


I have seen so many people commenting about how Luke grew calmer and less reckless in Return of the Jedi, which is also the main source of the argument that “Luke and Leia are Yin-Yang siblings” after all. However, I have seen few pointing how Leia also grew calmer and more peaceful in the same movie.

Just look at it: In Return of the Jedi, Leia is less angry and more serene. She even smiles more. She treats an Ewok with the kindness of someone dealing with a curious child, and deals with an impressive grace the revelation that Darth Vader is her biological father (that, and that Luke was her twin all the time and that is possible he could die in the mission of saving their father). Oh, she indeed was upset, but her major outburst was crying quietly and asking Han comfort. I don’t know if ANH!Leia or ESB!Leia would have reacted that way upon the revelation.

Leia always had moments of calmness through the OT, but I think that in ROTJ is when we really see her at her most serene, a sign that, just like her brother, she also grew up and matured and also managed to be at peace with herself. It’s no surprise for me that the first mention of Padmé to her children came from Leia herself, at her calmest.

You even can argue that Luke and Leia’s personal development through ANH, ESB and ROTJ are entwined with each other (no pun intended): how they both started as these hot-headed, impulsive teenagers and ended as calm and wiser young adults, still retaining the hot-bloodeness that can appear in the most heated circumstances (funny how even at the start of ROTJ, both Luke and Leia choke people: Jabba’s guards and Jabba himself). It’s a pity that we didn’t get to see Leia’s entire deal with her parenthood and her way to overcome it as we saw it with Luke, but I hope that the new novels or even glipmses of the Sequel Trilogy would provide us with that information.

That’s why I think that Leia the “always badass fiery and angry Action Girl” is a painful simplification of her character. Don’t get me wrong, Leia is fierce and short-tempered, but she also has her states of calmness and serenity, just like Luke also is hot-headed, impulsive and has a dark side despite the ultimately zen mode he achieved in ROTJ and at the very end of the saga.

That’s why I think that Luke and Leia are the perfect twins: Similar, yet different. Not opposites, but complements.

Some days, all I want out of Episode VII is for nobody to ever say “Leia Solo” ever


the buns are not actually Leia’s default hairdo

it’s part of exactly one outfit and we only see it so much in ANH bc she’s captured and can’t change clothes/hairstyle (the buns are notably fraying towards the end, too)

she usually wears her hair in braids, actually

and in a happier AU there’s no reason to assume she’d wear what she did as an Alderaanian princess-senator

(no doubt but that Padmé and Leia would have a blast doing bizarre things with her hair, but it wouldnt just be ubiquitous buns)



you guys are like five years old

who put you in charge of a rebellion

who put you in charge of anything