A herd of teal deer


The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped, they’re more dangerous than you realize.

everyone is a lady au — requested by anonymous

Somehow, I’ve always known.

Would it help if I got out and pushed!?


Star Wars + Name Meanings

Han, Luke, Leia

spouse: Leia

best friend: Han

sibling: Luke

bit weird to move that around with one difference, but I think Han would be a fun friend, but an incredibly annoying siblings. Luke is a very good brother, obviously.

Anakin, Luke and Leia :D

spouse: Leia

best friend: Luke

sibling: Anakin


"She was very beautiful. Kind… but sad."

Missing moments between Padme, Luke and Leia. One of the things I wondered about the original Star Wars storyline, was how little mention was made of Luke and Leia’s mother, in comparison to the mystery of their father – which I understand, given Anakin/Vader’s huge role in the story, but. it still makes me sad that the twins would never know their mother, and Padme would never be able to see her children through the Force… :(

So, forever-unfinished wish fulfilment drawings! (they deserve a lot better, I’m sorry) - inspired by “The Mother We Share" by CHVRCHES and "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World