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Team Avatar- pillow fight by Lukia-Lokelani on deviantart


Team Avatar- pillow fight by Lukia-Lokelani on deviantart


Library AU!

Okay, I’m imagining they’re all college students at some fancy university, Korra’s there on a scholarship (aka bc the college has one of the only specialists in … a thing), Mako’s on a sports scholarship (but actually very eager to learn, though without much direction so far), Asami’s father is paying for everything. However, she’s determined to do very very well and not just be some spoiled rich kid and prove that she’s worthy of her father’s trust blahblahblah

okay, so Korra and Asami are friends who are ostensibly studying together, but Korra is bored and keeps getting Asami to laugh at things and Mako, the only other one in that part of the library, overhears them giggling and is just PLS

(I think he knows them from one of his classes or smth)

Asami is just ‘oh, did you need help finding something? I come here all the time, let me show you!!’ Korra is the one who actually realizes he was annoyed, and is annoyed at him for being annoyed, so she gets up with Asami and as she leads him down the stacks needles him the whole time while Asami is trying not to snicker.

Mako initially felt bad because Asami was so nice about it, and then he’s aggravated at Korra but also…kind of into it, and Asami flirts gently with him and he’s also into that, and he’s blushing and embarrassed even before Asami asks him if he wants to study with them. Korra pretty obviously thinks he’s going to run as soon as he can so he agrees to be contrary and proceeds to be incredibly awkward but adorable for forty minutes, all the while thinking:

  • is Asami hitting on me? like, of all the men here, me? wait she’s talking about a book thing tell me more oh wow she’s so great
  • is Korra hitting on me? wait how does she remember everything without even putting in any effort I hate people like that…I think…maybe I don’t?…???
  • are they best friends? are they together? would it be weird to ask one of them out??
  • I don’t know which one I’d rather ask out oh god
Korra + 31? =D

xerox machine shenanigans?

I….clearly did not look closely enough at this meme, haha

but lbr in some real-world setting (with bending! no bendingless AUs for me!) I could totally see Korra shoving Mako against a xerox machine. At work. Like maybe it’s after hours because Mako, so nobody’s going to walk in on them (Asami prudently locks the door anyway) and the paper tray is digging into his back and he doesn’t notice, while Asami is perched on his desk watching.

I have no idea what on earth I was trying to go for, but I was looking around my old files for some scraps and found this:

Mako and Asami, talking quietly with Pema, glanced up. They seemed more Mako-and-Asami than before, now, even their casual gestures practically synchronized, like the Fire Ferrets on their best days. Korra suppressed a pang of resentment. Asami was great, really great. Better than Korra had ever expected. Of course Mako liked her, and … and it didn’t really matter. He was Asami’s.


makorrasami, renaissance au :) :) :) :)

It was Asami who bought the fine doublet and hose, who frowned when she saw the faded red cloak still hanging over Mako’s shoulders, until he explained. It was Asami, too, who seized both their arms and managed to look as if both Korra and Mako guided her—Korra, a stranger to Rome, and Mako, well, a stranger to this Rome.

But it was Korra, in the Palazzo Sato that night, who jerked on the lacing to Mako’s doublet and Asami’s gown and flung both aside. 


We love out awkward firebenders



We love out awkward firebenders



The tricky thing is yesterday we were just children

The Krew, minus Bolin


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"Of course, if you’re not at a point where you’re laughing at your teenage self’s mistakes, it’s not going to be funny. But I think that’s where Bryke are coming from." But that's just it. Not every teen commits adultery. That's not to say that the teens in question never made mistakes, but that doesn't mean we all make the same list of mistakes or the same amount. Stereotypes have a basis in truth, but can be pretty inaccurate. I mean do you believe all blonde girls to be braindead?


There’s no adultery in Legend of Korra…?  I mean, what the heck, talk about exaggerating things into something completely different.  o_0;

Here, let me quote Merriam-Webster:

voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband

First thing to notice: no one is married.

Second thing to notice: no one is engaging in sexual intercourse.

Third thing to notice: the only romantic acts Mako engages in while in a relationship are non-voluntary.

The idea that anything he does constitutes “adultery” is nearly as laughable as the idea that anything he does constitutes abuse.  It’s just not something I can take seriously at all, and it makes me not want to engage with anything else you say.

Also, I never said that all teens act in any particular way…?  Bryke made it clear in the commentaries that they were working from their experiences in art school and the behavior they saw from their friends.  Stereotypes have nothing to do with it.

wrt adultery, it seems clear that they meant ‘cheating’ and chose a poor synonym.

Also, I’m not sure I can wholly agree with the third point, unless you’re restricting romantic acts to the physical. IMO Mako does voluntarily act in a romantic way towards Korra while he’s with Asami, at times in Asami’s presence, with a decided visual emphasis on Asami’s reactions (just in case anyone forgot that those sweet romantic gestures are actively painful to someone?). Perhaps he doesn’t always know what he’s doing, but he certainly has a choice there. Korra’s kiss is the only thing that springs to mind as involuntary.

(I guess unless they’re talking about kissing Asami after… he already broke up with Korra…? in which case the reasoning is beyond me, lol)

IMO it’s less that he wasn’t effectively cheating on Asami and more that it’s fairly minor cheating and not the end of the world, particularly as he’s still evolving so much as a character. (For me that’s where the ‘teenage boy’ is most relevant; you do stupid shit as a teenager and hopefully grow out of it. Doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for it, just that it’s not the be-all and end-all of your character.)


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Asami

brotp: I actually like him and Korra as friends quite a lot.

general opinions: ehhh he’s both loyal and very non-confrontational, which makes perfect sense given his background but is not terribly interesting to me, personally.

blog rate: 6/10, though it’s actually a pretty good blog, but not a personal one. I imagine it’s focused on some sport, consistently updated, with a really nice theme, and he has a consistent and straightforward tagging system that makes it easy to navigate. The sort of thing you might follow because you’re friends and you like talking back and forth, but the actual content is personally unappealing so you just end up blocking everything.